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Family: How do I set up my family?

It is very important to set up the family structure for a general view of all appointments of the whole family. 1) Click on "Family" in the agenda view at the top. There you can enter your family members (with/without their own smartphone). 2) You can now add your partner with Smartphone - we will send him/her an invitation to join. It doesn't matter if, for example, a child doesn't have a smartphone yet. They get a separate calendar which the whole family can see. As soon as he/she receives a smartphone, he/she can be connected and immediately sees all his/her appointments (and those of the whole family). 3) Ideally, add a photo to each family member. So you see the faces in the overall view of the calendar and you can mark the affected faces at each appointment.

Family: How can I change the order of family members?

Go to the "Agenda view" and click on "Family" at the top. Now you can see the list of all family members. On the right side, at the three dashes, you can drag the family members to the right position for you.

Family: How should we arrange for separated parents or a patchwork family?

SHUBiDU is very well suited for this. I'll be happy to show you how you can best set it up so that both parents can see the children's appointments and still have the privacy that not all appointments are mutually transparent. If you encounter an even better solution or difficulty, I would be very interested to hear from you (feedback@shubidu.com). Both parents enter their family structure in SHUBiDU. Children with mobile phones can "only" be connected to one SHUBiDU family structure. I show you the possibility, how one can make the dates visible nevertheless for both parents. 1) Create a group for each child e.g. "appointments child 1". Now you can enter all dates that concern "child1". 2) Click in this group above into the "group details" and mark there the "child1". 3) This will ensure that all appointments in this group are automatically added to "child1's" agenda. This has to be done by each partner.

Further use cases: pet, meal plan, birthdays, household plan

In the agenda you have further possibilities to organize important areas of your family. How about a dedicated calendar for your family dog? Or the entry of the weekly meal plan, so that everyone can see it at any time? etc. etc.. There are no limits to your imagination:

Synchronization: How does synchronization work?

We have created a dedicated page for the initial sync setup, where you can follow the video tutorial if needed.
Please go to www.shubidu.com/sync to do this. Synchronization with Google:
- You can view all SHUBiDU appointments in your Google calendar.
- You can enter new appointments in Google Calendar and display them in SHUBiDU
- Assignment to family members, editing and deleting appointments is still done in the SHUBiDU App. Synchronization with Outlook/iCal and other calendars:
- You can display your SHUBiDU in iCal at the push of a button
- You can add a calendar subscription to the SHUBiDU appointments in your calendar. To do so enter the SHUBiDU calendar link in your calendar. See instructions on the page: www.shubidu.com/sync

Groups: How does it work with the groups?

The groups are used to efficiently enter appointments with people who have the same appointments as you. For example, it is ideal for school, football, sports and club appointments. Create a group with a few other parents (it doesn't have to be the whole class or team) and invite further members. Now anyone can enter, edit or add appointments. Ideally this is done by the teacher or e.g. the trainer himself. If he/she doesn't want to do this, then - easy - you can help each other and the constant scrolling e.g. in the Whatsapp soccer group for the search for the appointment overview has an end :). Do you have a large group and many dates that you don't all want to enter yourself, then contact me? feedback@shubidu.com Tip: Everyone can invite members to all groups
Did you know that you can invite members in all groups? Even if you didn't start the group yourself? You can add other parents of the school class, sports team, etc. whose contact you have. Tip: Found a group - examples
SHUBiDU helps you to enter dates more easily. Create a group around an activity that involves a lot of appointments: e.g. around a school class, around the football team, around the communion preparation and invite other parents to the group. So you no longer have to enter all the dates yourself. Anyone can enter - everyone has the dates. Tip: Everyone can enter dates in all groups.
Did you know that you can enter dates in any SHUBiDU group? There is not one admin but all can enter appointments, change appointments or delete them if necessary.

Groups: As a teacher/trainer, I don't want others to be able to handle appointments.

No problem. Therefore we have set up an admin function in the group details (click in the group title on top). There you can appoint yourself (and/or someone else) as admin. Then only you or the admin persons can edit appointments. Do you have a large group and many appointments that you don't want to enter yourself, then contact me? feedback@shubidu.com

Group examples: Daycare, child care, lunch table, etc.

There are many possibilities of appointments that you simply want to share with others in a group:
- Children lunch with the neighbour
- Group with grandparents, so they can always see when to look after your children
- Group with your colleagues around the school dates
- Group of own club dates
- etc. etc.

Groups: Are there also public groups?

Yes, there are public groups. You can
- make a group with appointments available to the public yourself
- or search for a public group with great dates (like the "Lola Brause" children-event group -> so you won't miss any more dates! You can add appointments to your agenda & make a note of them.

Group: How can I invite other members to a group?

There are several ways you can invite members into your group:
- from your address book
- you can pass on the group code
- you can have a pdf-sheet with the code and the instructions sent to you by email
- you can "share" the link by sending it e.g. by email or by sharing it in a Whatsapp group.
For every new SHUBiDU user who joined SHUBiDU because of you, you will receive a free "Credit" for "SHUBiDU magic". So you can take a picture of a date slip, send it in & SHUBiDU enters the dates for you. Cool, isn't it?

Dates: Can I also share a single appointment with someone?

Yeah... that's our news!!
For example, if you want to share next Sunday's brunch with people outside your family, it's easy now.
Create the date in your agenda and share it with other people below. You can do this by adding this person from your phone book or by sharing the appointment in a Whatsapp group. If you share it in a Whatsapp group, these people can save the appointment in SHUBiDU or in their own calendar. You do them a favor in any case :)! For every new user who comes to SHUBiDU thanks to you, you will receive a "credit" so that you can register a free appointment slip for yourself.

Chat: How does SHUBiDU chat work?

The chat function at SHUBiDU is very targeted at the appointment. For example, if you have a question about next Saturday's soccer match, you can ask it directly at that time. The advantage is that we at SHUBiDU
- have no age limit and
- that the telephone numbers of the other SHUBiDU users are not disclosed.
And... SHUBiDU's data is all stored in Switzerland.

Work-life and family compatibility: How does SHUBiDU help me?

The compatibility of work and family is a very important issue.
I myself have worked 10 years in a job sharing scheme and 5 years of that in a top sharing scheme. Stephanie W. (the best JobSharing partner out there) and I have automated as many processes and content as possible to make this as efficient and clear as possible for everyone. SHUBiDU was born out of this thinking.
You can find concrete tips on how you can improve the compatibility between career and family thanks to SHUBiDU, or how you can get rid of the mental load, in the menu item: Compatibility. I am extremely happy when I can help someone to make "family life" a little easier thanks to my experience in JobSharing and SHUBiDU :)! And... I love suggestions, feedbacks, great examples, etc... Please feel free to contact me via feedback@shubidu.com

Functions: What additional functions are available?

Tip: SHUBiDU magic
If you don't have the time or the desire to enter all dates yourself, then take a photo, send it in. SHUBiDU will digitize the dates for you and return them to your agenda for review. It couldn't be more comfortable, could it? Check out the tutorial in the app for more information.
Tip: Chat
Did you know that you can chat within any group? Directly in the appointment you can comment and ask a question or organize a ride. Your phone number is not shown in SHUBiDU and there is no age limit. Tip: Enter recurring appointments
Did you know that you can enter recurring appointments? Tip: RSVP: Get confirmation of participation
Did you know that you can request a confirmation of participation at any time? The respondent can tell who from his family will participate, i.e. he can report several people. Tip: Admin (yes/no)
SHUBiDU is set up in such a way that anyone can enter dates within groups so that you can save time together. For example, if someone wants to administer a teacher or a trainer, they can activate the admin function. Then he can decide himself who can enter/change or delete appointments.

App data: Where is my data stored?

The data on SHUBIDU is stored completely on a server at www.vshn.ch in Switzerland. The entire data exchange between service and mobile device is secured with HTTPS encryption and industry standard authentication.

Feedback: Do you have feedback, tips or suggestions for improvement?

We are very interested in your opinion and suggestions!
Difficulties give us important feedback and together we will surely find a solution!

Contact us at feedback@shubidu.com.

SHUBiDU magic: What does the yellow button in the middle stand for?

The function behind the yellow button is called "SHUBiDU magic" because it magically puts your appointments in your calendar. For every new user that comes to SHUBiDU thanks to you, you get a free "Credit". - Take a photo of a date and send this document in. You can start this from your agenda or from a group. - SHUBiDU will register the appointments from the note for you and send the created appointments back to you*. - You can then check the appointments and assign them to your agenda or a group. * During business hours within 30 minutes