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SHUBiDU is an offer of the Swiss Shubidu AG. These Terms of Use apply to the use of the offer including the SHUBiDU app by users (hereinafter uniformly the "Users").

  1. The offer is generally made available to users free of charge. In order to use the service, users must register for a user account and provide a valid cell phone number and a functioning Internet connection, otherwise the service cannot be provided.

  2. Individual functions may have to be subscribed to or purchased for a fee. Users will be informed of the prices for such functions in a suitable manner. Paid functions are only available after payment has been made and there is no refund for subscribed or purchased functions. The offer may contain advertising from third parties.

  3. The Offer is made available, among other things, via app stores and related infrastructure, such as the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Users use such app stores independently of the Offer and the terms and conditions of the respective providers apply.

  4. Some functions require access to the address book, photos, location data and other data on the smartphone of the individual user. Such access only takes place with the consent of the respective users.  Depending on the operating system used, the individual users may have to explicitly confirm such access on their smartphone or can explicitly block access.

    • Contacts from the address book: The phone numbers of your contacts are transmitted one-way encrypted ("hashed") to our servers to match them with existing SHUBiDU users with whom you can share your events and groups. These hashes are deleted immediately after this matching and are not stored on our servers. When you add a family member, by accessing your address book, the phone number, name and profile picture of the person to be invited will be displayed, the phone number and name will be included in the family invitation and transmitted to our servers to create a profile for this person.

    • Photos and Camera: Access to the camera or media library is needed to upload family profile photos, attach photos to individual appointments or scan entire appointment slips

    • Location: Your location is used to find addresses when you collect locations for events, groups, or user profiles. We do not transmit it to our servers.

  5. The offer enables the creation, sharing and management of groups and appointments as well as the sending of messages between users. Users agree to use the service only as intended and to fully comply with applicable law at all times. SHUBiDU may at any time send its own messages to users, provided that such messages are necessary to make the service available.

    • Visibility groups and appointments: A group and all appointments in it are automatically accessible via a secret link, which can also be accessed by non-SHUBiDU users via the web browser, provided they have received the corresponding link (e.g. from a group member). Individual appointments that a user shares as a link via their own channels (email, WhatsApp, etc.) are accessible to all recipients of that link via a web view, even if they are not SHUBiDU users. We use "secret" links for this, which contain a cryptic character string (token) and are thus hardly guessable for third parties
    • Calendar subscription (ICS link): SHUBiDU offers the possibility to integrate your calendar as a calendar subscription in any calendar apps like Outlook, Apple Calendar or Google Calendar. We use "secret" links for this, which contain a cryptic string (token) and are therefore hardly guessable for third parties. Users must be aware that they are responsible for not forwarding these links, as possible recipients could otherwise access all SHUBiDU calendar content of the user.

  6. In the case of users who register for the offer with a partner code in order to benefit from a discount or other advantages through a partner, SHUBiDU is entitled to inform the partner concerned which individual user has used a partner code. Furthermore, SHUBiDU is entitled to inform partners with aggregated information about the usage within the scope of the respective partnership (number of users, duration and frequency of usage). In addition, the privacy policy informs about the type, scope and purposes of data processing for the offer.

  7. For their own content that is protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights, individual users grant SHUBiDU a non-exclusive, free, sub-licensable and worldwide license to use such content in connection with the offer.

  8. The offer is provided on a look-and-see basis. It cannot be guaranteed that individual or all functions will be available permanently, at all times or in full. The offer can be adjusted or discontinued at any time without giving reasons. Individual users can be excluded from use at any time in the event of a violation of these terms of use, in the event of - even suspected - violations of the law or for other reasons.

  9. These Terms of Use may be amended at any time. SHUBiDU informs the users in an appropriate manner about relevant adjustments.

  10. The offer is subject to Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Solothurn, Switzerland. For consumers, the offer may be subject to other laws and a different place of jurisdiction may apply.

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