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Mental Load & SHUBiDU: Free your mind!

Ever thought about how many open "tabs" of tasks are constantly buzzing around in your mind? This is what's known as the "Mental Load" – and yes, it can get pretty overwhelming.

A family appointment is never just a date. There's so much more to it:

  • Who's taking the kids to school?

  • What should they have for their snack?

  • When's the next doctor's appointment?

All these questions and to-dos often reside in your head – and honestly, that's not the ideal solution. But what can you do about it?

Take a look at SHUBiDU! We designed this app to make family scheduling a breeze. With SHUBiDU, you can efficiently plan appointments within and beyond your family and reduce the need for constant coordination.

You simply input who, for example, is in charge of dropping off and picking up for soccer practice or who's taking your son to the dentist – and it's right there in the calendar. No more constant inquiries!

Give it a try and free your mind from all that information.

Get the SHUBiDU Family Calendar App on the Apple or Play Store – it's free!

Enjoy SHUBiDU!

Sonia :)


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