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Additional columns for the nannie, the pet, the cleaning and meal plan.

Every family organizes themselves a little differently. The nice thing about SHUBiDU is that the family calendar can be set up very individually. Today I'll show you what additional columns we have set up and what is the idea behind it.

In general, it is important to know:

  • If you get your own column in the family calendar and there you are linked to the phone number, you will see all appointments of the family. This can be very handy, of course.

  • You can enter repeating appointments

  • You can customize the reminders of the appointments. The reminders will be applied to the nannies, grandparents, etc. as well.

  • You can always mark all family members involved in the appointment, e.g. for swimming lessons you can mark the nannie and the daughter for a good overview.

  • If you don't want the nannies, grandparents, etc. to see all of your appointments, then you can coordinate the appointments with them via a group.

Nannie/ Babysitter/ Grandparents

Does a Nannie, babysitter, or grandparent support you on a very regular basis? If so, it may make sense for them to see all of the family's appointments and be informed accordingly. This way, it can also be shown specifically when the grandmother goes to the playground with one child, for example, or the Nannie takes both children swimming.

Our pet "Nahla" has her own appointments

Since our pet "Nahla" has her own appointments, we have also opened a calendar for her. That way we can also show who accompanies her to the puppy school or to the vet.

Cleaning schedule

In the past I always had to remember when to change the bed linen or when to change the shower towels. But such items really took a lot of space in my head. That's why I thought about how to simplify it. It helps us if we have a separate column for the cleaning schedule, where we have entered repeating dates for the change of bed linen, shower towels, etc. each time. That way we could actually also indicate who should exchange these in each case.... but we don't want to go that far :)

Meal plan

Regarding the details of our uncomplicated meal plan, there is a separate blog post. We have the "meal of the day" and I enter this in the app in repetitive intervals. That way, everyone sees what's coming up and I don't have to keep rethinking it.

So, now you know how we organize ourselves.

How does it look for you too? Are there any elements you want to introduce like this?

Start right now with the adjustment!

Greetings and have fun with SHUBiDU!



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