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Effortless Appointment Management with SHUBiDU: A Game Changer for Educators and Coaches

School and club years are often filled with numerous appointments and activities. Children move between school, sports clubs, and leisure activities, making organization a complex task. The endless writing of appointment notes, copying, and distribution can be time-consuming. Moreover, appointments can change, leading to confusion. This results in many questions, such as where to meet and when children should be picked up.

SHUBiDU provides a solution to streamline appointment organization and communication with parents. In the SHUBiDU app, teachers and trainers can create appointment groups for classes, clubs, or teams. They can invite parents and children to these groups and store and manage all relevant appointments there.

The benefits include:

  • Efficient Communication: Organizers can quickly send changes or important information to all group members.

  • All Appointments in One Place: Parents have all relevant appointment information in one place, greatly facilitating organization.

  • Fewer Questions: Since all information is available in the group, the number of questions is minimized. Parents can simply check and stay up to date.

SHUBiDU is the ideal solution to optimize appointment organization. Say goodbye to the chaos of notes and endless message chains. Join SHUBiDU and discover how easy it can be to organize school and club life. Start organizing and optimizing your school and club life today.

Getting SHUBiDU ready in just 4 steps:

  1. Download and register on SHUBiDU

  2. Create a SHUBiDU group

  3. Enter appointments

  4. Invite members (parents and/or children) via WhatsApp, for example

For further questions, feel free to contact SHUBiDU via feedback(at)

Best regards and have fun with SHUBiDU,

Sonia :)


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