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Enter dates in the family calendar

Updated: May 1, 2023

For an ideal overview of all family appointments, we took the traditional kitchen calendar with columns per family member as a reference. This way you can easily and clearly see what appointments are coming up.

I would like to show you on the basis of a classic weekly view of our calendar, how we do it:

  1. All family members have their own column and are highlighted with a picture. If you want to change the order of the family members, you can do this in the family details.

  2. On Monday there is the parents' evening of our daughter. We parents will go there. The daughter does not come along.

  3. For recurring appointments like our son's soccer training, we always enter them as emojis. Special match dates or tournaments we save as a title so we can see at a glance where the date is.

  4. On Wednesday, I always pick up our son from soccer training. That's why the appointment is also saved in my account. If I can't pick him up next week, I can "sign out myself" here (after verbal agreement) and "sign in" my husband. That way we both don't have to think about it anymore - it is clear & registered. Such "small" changes make it possible to reduce the mental load.

  5. On Thursday, my husband picks up our daughter from karate.

  6. On Saturday we are all invited out for pizza. Mhmmm!

  7. On Sunday, a family trip is planned.

Appointment entry

You can enter appointments manually or have them entered by SHUBiDU. If you don't have the time or don't want to type all the dates yourself, then take a picture of it and send it to us. We will be happy to enter the dates for you. Test this function by clicking on the yellow circle at the bottom of the screen.

Family calendar or group calendar

Appointments that "only" concern our family we enter directly in the family calendar. School dates, soccer dates, etc. we prefer to save in a group. This way the appointments are thematically "kept together" and can also be shared externally, with friendly parents. In each group, you can specify to which family member the existing and new appointments of the group should be automatically displayed in the calendar column. I'll tell you more about the groups in the next post.

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