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How's Your SHUBiDU Premium Setup Going?

We hope you've enjoyed the benefits of syncing your family calendar seamlessly.

Quick check-in: How did the setup go? If you're all set, fantastic!


If you need more info or ran into any hiccups, we've got your back. Below, find answers to common questions and troubleshooting tips below to ensure your SHUBiDU experience is top-notch.


Let's make family organizing a breeze! 🚀💙"


Best regards and have fun with SHUBiDU,


Troubleshooting Tips for SHUBiDU Premium Setup:

Sending Appointments from Work Calendar:

  • Issue: Attempting to send appointments from your work calendar (or any other calendar) to SHUBiDU.

  • Solution: Premium currently allows displaying SHUBiDU appointments in other calendars, not the reverse. This is because most companies restrict such integrations.

New Appointments Not Showing in Synced Calendar:

  • Issue: Added an appointment in the app, but it didn't reflect in the synced calendar.

  • Solution: As mentioned in the FAQs, it takes some time until the appointments are displayed in your calendar. The syncing time depends on how often your calendar checks for new appointments online — a factor we cannot influence.

Concerns about Syncing Family Appointments to Work Calendar:

  • Issue: Uncertainty about calendar integration in sensitive work industries like banking or pharma.

  • Solution: SHUBiDU Premium is intentionally designed as a calendar integration, not a 2-way sync. This design allows displaying SHUBiDU appointments in calendars of companies with very high-security standards. Check it out!

Integration Issues on Mobile:

  • Issue: Difficulty integrating the SHUBiDU-Link on your phone.

  • Solution: Correct, this step needs to be performed on your PC/Laptop for successful integration.

Syncing Delays:

  • Issue: Experiencing delays in syncing newly added appointments.

  • Solution: Syncing times can vary based on your calendar's update frequency. Typically, new appointments should be visible within 2 hours.

Remember, we're here to help! If these tips don't address your concern, reach out to with details of what you've tried, and we'll guide you through. Happy syncing! 🌐💙


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