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I'll show you why I have so many groups....

The special thing about SHUBiDU (for me) are the groups, because you can easily share appointments with people outside your family. There are many different possibilities.

I would like to show you which groups we use in our family to make our life easier.

  • The grandparents take care of our children every 2nd Thursday afternoon. In order for all of us to be able to look up the dates, we created a group. I invited my parents to join and put all the appointments in (repeating, every 2nd week, reminder: 1 day before). That way we both always see the same dates and they get a reminder the day before. Thus I don't have to think about it all the time and reduce my mental load.

  • For the soccer appointments, we have a group with the coach. He enters all the appointments and shares them with the parents. For this, he has adjusted the authorization in order that only he can enter, change and delete appointments.

  • I have entered all school vacations of our city and shared this list with other parents. This group is "public" and can be seen by other SHUBiDU users as well.

  • My son has many appointments around the preparation for communion. Maybe you know this ? :) We have entered these in a group and invited befriended parents whose children also participate in the communion preparation.

  • We have a group with the parents of School class 6b. The teacher wants to continue to communicate via colored appointment slips. Therefore, we have formed a group with a few parents and help each other with the digitization of the appointments.

We also have 2 additional birthday groups

  • A group with the birthdays of our friends and relatives within our family. In this group, we have not invited anyone. The group serves us in the family mainly to keep all birthday dates together in order to be able to look up the birthday dates very quickly.

  • A group with the birthdays of the relatives - shared with my sister and my mother. So we don't have to remind each other when Aunt Greta's birthday is to congratulate her.

What other groups can you think of?

With whom do you have same appointments?

To whom can you do something good by sharing the appointments?

  • Group with the reservation dates of the family vacation home

  • Group with the reservation dates of car use (if the car is shared)

  • Group with the garbage calendar, cardboard collection dates, paper collection, etc.

  • Group for the school holidays

  • Group for club board appointments

  • Group for the appointments of choir rehearsals

  • Group with the dates of the family association

  • etc.

Important to know:

Group appointments can also be shared externally via e.g. WhatsApp. The recipients do not need to have the app for this. They can view all entered appointments via a link and download them to their own calendar or save them in SHUBiDU. Whoever saves the appointments in SHUBiDU has the advantage that he/she will also be informed if there are changes to the appointment.

So go ahead!

Start a group right now! The others will thank you!




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