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Unveiling the SHUBiDU Family Calendar: A Story of Simplifying Modern Family Life

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

The journey of creating SHUBiDU began with a simple realization - family life needed an upgrade!

Our mission is to bring more lightness and fun into family organization. That's why the app is called SHUBiDU! :)

The Hunt for a Chronological Overview

Appointment slips, from school, sports, clubs, and more, kept piling up in our home. I needed a way to make sense of it all.

Eliminating Repetitive Data Entry

My breaking point came when I found myself typing out the same schedules that every other parent in our class or team had to enter. It was clear; there had to be a better way to support one another!

Reducing Mental Load through Thoughtful Features

Children's schedules are rarely straightforward, and they often involve a lot of extra details, like who's bringing them to a birthday party or buying presents. These details added up, becoming what we call "mental load."

In SHUBiDU, we've aimed to address these nuances, making family organization feel lighter and more streamlined. We hope you've experienced this in our app!

Our commitment is to create the ease and harmony modern families deserve.

It's our mission to make family organization easier and help mothers and fathers successfully balance their work and family lives! 💙

Warm regards and enjoy your journey with SHUBiDU :)



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