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8 Compelling Reasons for SHUBiDU: Your Smart Family Calendar!

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Family life can get quite chaotic at times, right?

That's why I want to introduce you to eight fantastic reasons why you should consider SHUBiDU as your family calendar. Let's make family life simpler and more enjoyable!

  1. Everyone has their calendar: With SHUBiDU, every family member gets their dedicated column in the calendar (even kids without smartphones or your furry friends :))

  2. Easy overview: You get a clear view of all upcoming family events.

  3. Less coordination hassle: Easily see who's taking the child to soccer practice or attending the parent-teacher meeting by adding the event to one or more people. Perfect for shared responsibilities!

  4. More than words: Add photos to your events, perfect for all the extra info related to field trips or school tests. A picture is worth a thousand words!

  5. Smartphone independence: No matter which smartphone you use, SHUBiDU works on all devices.

  6. Sharing with friends: Share events effortlessly with fellow parents, whether it's single events or a series like school or sports activities in a group.

  7. Scan service: Don't feel like typing in all those events? Use our "SHUBiDU Magic" service, and we'll take care of it for you.

  8. Seamless integration: Transfer all your SHUBiDU events to your main or work calendar, ensuring you stay on top of things even at the office (this is our premium feature for you - it covers the entire family 💙).

Let's set up the SHUBiDU family calendar together. Sit down as a family, add your photos, events, or emojis, and watch the calendar become so much more inviting.

It's time to bring more lightness and fun into your family's organization with SHUBiDU! #moreSHUBiDU 💙

Warm regards,


PS: Feel free to share this blog post with anyone who needs a little more convincing to join the SHUBiDU family. 😊


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