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Set up the calendar for your family now - it takes 2min

So, have you convinced your family yet?

As a family, you benefit most from the app when all family members are entered. As soon as you add pictures, it immediately makes the calendar much more appealing.

I'd like to show you 3 simple steps so that you have a better overview of all family appointments with SHUBiDU and can save a lot of time.

Let's tackle the 3 steps together.

Let's go!

1) Click on "Family"

The title "Family" will take you to the family details.

2) Add family members

You can add all members of the family in the family details. Just like you would in the kitchen calendar.

3) With/without cell phone

Now you can choose how you want to connect the family members in the app:

  • Family members with a cell phone: You can view all appointments for the whole family and enter appointments for yourself or other family members.

  • Family members without a cell phone: Even small children without a cell phone can easily have their own calendar in SHUBiDU.

If you have invited all family members, they will receive a message and can join your family. Why don't you bring up the subject at dinner tonight? Then you can check right away to see if it worked with the "connect".

Do you need a few more arguments about the SHUBiDU family calendar app?

SHUBiDU wants to make family life easier

  1. Each family member gets their own calendar column (like in the kitchen calendar)

  2. No matter who has which cell phone - SHUBiDU can be used on any device

  3. Children don't need an email/phone number for their own calendar

  4. Show who brings - who fetches the children

  5. You can attach a photo with the details to each appointment

  6. You can share appointments with other parents (individual appointments or group appointments)

  7. Should we enter the appointments for you? Yes, you can do this via the yellow button

  8. Synchronize all SHUBiDU appointments in another calendar

What happens if we register at the same time and have both opened a separate calendar?

This is not a problem. If this happens, it is important to now bring these two calendars together. Now one person can invite their partner to join the family. The invitee will receive a request in the app asking if he/she wants to leave the current calendar and join the new family calendar. Once he/she accepts, he/she will be added to the main family and should then see all family members.

Would you like to set up more columns?

That's no problem - you can add a column for your dog, the cleaning plan or the meal plan. Take a look at how I set it up for us here:

Get started right now and surprise your family!

Best wishes and have fun with SHUBiDU



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